Solve Windows store not working problem Windows 10 (Solved)

Microsoft launched its all awaited store with the release of Windows 8 operating system. Everyone was damn excited but it couldn’t really live up to the expectations as Play store by Google and App store by Apple had already raised the standards. It was believed that it was only the initiative and would be better as time progresses. Rightly so, Windows came up with new OS named Windows 8.1, updated version of Windows 8 and Windows store had begun its journey but was a bit shaky with store mostly not opening, not responding, downloads getting stuck and everything else.

Microsoft tried to revise and update its store with the release of very much hyped Windows 10 but problems with store still existed. Users even downgraded their devices to older versions of Windows due to the problem that pretty much affected Microsoft. If you are one of the user experiencing problems in Windows store like store not opening, taking longer to open than it should, not responding, apps not downloading, not working, apps not installing , apps not updating  and similar, then, my friend, you’ve landed in the perfect place to seek the answer.

Windows 10 problems solved

Here are some ways you can try to solve the issue

  • Try resetting your windows store by clearing the cache:

Cache are fast and smallest storage location to store temporary files. Cache, if not cleared may make your device slow by not allowing the app and memory to function efficiently. Simple step to clear cache of your windows store in windows 10 is as listed

  • Hit Windows key+ R or alternatively go to your run command and type wsreset.exe and hit OK as the show.

What this does is clears the cache and resets the windows store and store loads of automatically.

  • Command prompt method

    If the resetting your store didn’t work for you, you can try Command prompt method by simply

  • Hit Windows key+ R or alternatively go to your run command and type PowerShell -ExecutionPolicy Unrestricted Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register $Env:SystemRoot\WinStore\AppxManifest.XML

That was all you needed to do in this method. This actually re-registers the store apps and might solve the issue you’ve been facing all along.

  • Try Microsoft troubleshooting tool

           Due to various problems such as store not opening, not responding, apps not downloading, apps not installing, apps not updating and many more related to apps and stores reported, windows finally came up with some awesome online troubleshooter tool that must be downloaded and Run to allow the troubleshooter to go inside the system and detect the problem that’s causing issues out there. Basically, all that Troubleshooting tool does is reset the cache and reset store as we did manually in method 1 and also re-registering the windows store apps as we did manually in method 2.

Go to and 

  1. click on Run Troubleshooter located on the landing page
  2. A program gets downloaded, Run the program
  3. Click next and the troubleshooter checks and detects the problem on your device
  4. After the tool detects what’s the problem, it automatically solves them

*****NoteIf all these did not work for you, try disabling and uninstalling latest updates by creating system backup and restoring your system and removing recently installed or updates third party software of any other security programs that might have been causing problems.

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