Top 6 Mp3 Music Downloading Apps for Android

Today’s generation is all linked up with Music. We’ll rarely find a person not having any taste of music all over the globe. It has been found that every culture has its own type of music, be it present or past. It is said that music reflect our personality and can change our mood instantly. Rightly so, in this era of smartphones doing almost all types of things, downloading music is not a big deal but selecting finest music downloading app is some kind of problem but NO Worries, we’ve got you covered. Below we present the list of some of the top rated and best Android applications for downloading our favourite’s music.

Best Mp3 Music Downloading Apps for Android

  1. Sound cloud:


Arguably the best music downloader for android platform. This more than awesome app has to offer a lot like thousands and millions of music available to download and the database is updated more often than not. It covers almost all songs, genre, unsigned artists and everything one searches. Podcasts and audio-books are some of its feature. You have to download the app and signup for an account. Just search for the music you love and download with some simple clicks. It is loved by the fans and that is clearly indicated by average of 4.4 star rating in Google Play Store.

2.    Mp3 Music Downloader

mp3 music downloader

Best part of this app is downloads isn’t limited i.e. one can download unlimited songs as per the wish. Its feature include listening online as well as downloading the music. This feature is highlighted as most of the app only provide one of these feature. It has got its own built-in-music editor just like Adobe audition which might be very useful for some of us and might also be looking for this particular app. Go and grab it

  1. Music Download Paradise Mp3

Music download paradise Mp3

Type any keyword and numerous songs having the same keyword appears just in front you. Quite some feature, right?

It has a minimal user screens and beautiful design to attract its fans. If you are interests in quest of new and exciting bands, perfect place for you to land. It allows user to do download special sound effects and apply them to any kind of music and start having fun. Music Paradise Pro App 

  1. 4shared Music

4shared Music

4shared as we all know, is a hosting site. 4shared Music is one of the finest music downloaded available in the market at the present. You can keep all your music in cloud of the 4shared Music and retrieve anytime, anywhere you need. You are allowed to share your creation and playlists as well. Though the user interface and design of the app has been outdated, its features can’t be ignored.

  1. Google Play Music

Google play music

Many Android users are still not aware that their #1 music playing Google’s trusted Play Music app can download thousands of music for us. Over the last few years, it has climbed up and up and never looked back regarding its uniqueness, quality and features. Over 50,000 songs can be backed up and stored to cloud which has been its signature feature. It is the best market place for Android users. Just go to Google Play Store, download the app and start listening to your most loved tunes.

  1. Advanced Download Manager (ADM)

Advanced download manager      

    There’s a saying going viral about this Advanced Download Manager and that is No other apps can match its speed and all types of files can be downloaded pretty easily. It comes with inbuilt browser and also can take up downloads from other browsers too. It can download music and videos from any site in which there’s music and video available to play inside their site or having availability to download. If you’re up to some awesome android music downloader, that can extract other important media such as videos and related files, ADM is made for guys like you.

Enjoy the music According to your choice, have fun.


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