Some Fun and Interesting Texting Games to play with your friends/families

If you think old days when everyone used to play texting games are gone, then my friend you’ll need to reconsider that after going through this article. Not every time we like to play HD, graphics games installed on our smartphone or computers. When we feel bored and have nothing to do, we always go to funny and worthy games with your friends and family members and it won’t get better than trying out some texting games which have gone better with times. Some of the texting games are listed as:

Some Fun Filled Texting Games

  1. Correct the spelling

Correct the Spelling

This is one of the most played and fun games we’ve ever encountered with. It’s quite simple to play as you and other members will only need to arrange the jumbled alphabets to create a meaningful word. Quite an old game but still tons of fun involved.


  1. Story Builder

Simplest yet effective and interesting game in which at the end you’ll get an awesome story in your hand. There can be multiple participants for this game. Someone will start by telling a sentence and others must tell a sentence or two relevant to the tale previously developed. Everyone is free to create new characters and events in any location. The lines go on and your story full of fun is ready in minutes


  1. Kiss, Marry, Kill

Undoubtedly one of the craziest texting game ever. This game can also have multiple participants. It’s an easy game unless set of people you or others assign are weird enough to be kissed, married or even killed. One assigns a set of three people and other choose from the set whom they would kiss, marry and kill. Interesting game when you’re totally bored. So, start kissing and killing peoples


  1. 20 Questions

This is a classic game being played from years now. An educated guess is to be made for this game. One will think of a person or objects or places and the guesser can fire 20 questions and the other will answer in only Yes or No. This requires some educated guesses to be made and game sometime can be complicated if you can’t figure out what set of questions will help guess turn into reality


  1. Abbreviations

A modern age texting game is what I would like to call this game by. We all use abbreviations these days and we actually overuse them but it’s really difficult to guess what your friends says using abbreviations when it comes to gaming. One tells the other some cool and long abbreviations and failure to guess correct might lead to some treats, yummy. If you’re say IHWYDR your partner must come with the correct full form of this. In this case, I Hate When You Don’t Reply is the correct answer.


  1. Would you rather?

A best time passing texting game if you are willing to know more about the person you’re gonna play with. This will reveal their taste, decision making system and their character. One will create unusual situation and give the partner two choices what would they do in such situations. This can be pretty adventures if one can create unimaginable situations to deal with. You would probably like this game to be played with your life partner


  1. Dare game

Preferably most played texting game these time. Come up with numerous questions or tasks and ask other participants to choose a number or alphabets whatever you’ve created to store the questions or tasks. Ask them the specific question or ask them to perform specific task they chose.

dare game

  1. Riddles and puzzle games

Very interesting and funny games to play when you’re bore via texts. Solving riddles has never been easy for anyone. Some of the examples of riddles and puzzles are

Riddles and puzzle games





Fun Filled Puzzle games

Hope you got some fun with above mentioned texting games and you might be find innovative games to pass the time with your friends.


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